Product reviews for Colorado Drivers Ed Online

Kathrine - My Review

Very fun course! I enjoyed it and am excited to get to driving using this info!

Lia - Great Course

I'm a fast reader, so it took longer than it could have, but it was a wonderful course! Some of the videos were also a little outdated/tedious



Melissa - Online Colorado Drivers Ed Review

I liked the course it was easy worked well with my schedule

Magdalena - The Course was Good

It taught me a lot

Anja - NHSTS Colorado

Great Course. Nice Videos that helped reinforce the concepts.

Jeremy - My course reveiw

The course was good and kept me active with all of the activites.

Scarlet - course review

Great course, made things a lot easier

Trinity - course review

I would say this was an amazing course from my experience I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to get their permit. However, I did have some issues with the pre-registration for the identification but I figured it out!

Khloe - course review

its good but patience is definitely needed

Landyn - course review

this course was self paced and very productive but 1 suggestion would to be to add more questions to keep the reader at view of the screen.

Cohan - Drivers Ed Online

Need to be EXTREMELY Patient.

Hannah - Drivers Ed Review

This was long, but well paced and prepared me well.

Dylan - Dylans

The cource was challenging at first but i got the hang of it over time.

Olivia - Drivers Ed Course Review

It was long but gave plenty of time to review. I enjoyed the cross word puzzles.

Arihsay - Drivers Ed Course

Excellent course! I wish it would've focused a little more on signals and road markings

Prunelle - Drivers course review

I liked the way the course went. I like that they put timers on to help us stay on one course at a time and to let us take our time to review what we learned. I also like that we had to take test after every 5 course it helps review what we learned and not just forget about it.

Aiden - Drivers Ed

Loved the course

Heaven - Heaven - long but worth it

I am pretty amazing about how much I have learned with this driving corse.

Olivia - Olivia- Course Review

this was a good way to learn drivers stuff and it wasn't bad. it was better than going in person and only took a couple of days if you really tried.

william - Course Review

The course was long and boring, but it was very informant and helpful. I would recommend to others.

Hayden - Colorado Drivers Ed Online

Actually pretty nice, i could do this instead of drivers ed, which was nice and pretty convenient.

Kaiya - Course review

Pretty Good courses

Cooper - This coarse was great

This coarse really helped me understand the importance of being safe while driving and has taught me so much about driving.

Garrett - drivers ed

it was good

Matthew - Too long

This course was overly repetitive, I did not like that I can read and comprehend faster than each slide's lock-out time.

Cydny - Thank you

This was a great online corse, I loved how it made me take time but also allowed me to do it on my own time. It was amazing how it read to me.

Mikal - NHSA Review

Amazing course! It took a long time to complete but teaches everything you need to know.

William - Good Course

The course though lengthy at times did an great job of explaining the concepts. It was well thought out. The study timer did seem strange knowing that there was a timer on every page, but the extra time in any section let you go back and study sections that you struggled with. In all honesty, the course was well planned and done.

Landyn - GReat coruse

Easy to use and very helpfull

Aiden - Great a little outdated though

This course was amazing the only thing that was weird for me was that the videos were a little outdated.

Reagan - It's a great course.

It's is very easy to follow and understand.

Micha - I liked the corse

this realy helped me know more about driveing

Diego - it was very helpful

i feel like after taking this course i am more knowledgeable about driving and how to be a safe and affective driver.

Evelyn - I did it!

it took a lot of time and got boring but it taught me a lot of new things I didn't know

Cheno - driving course

very knowledgeable and helped me understand the law better.

Addison - drivers ed

it was slaytastic

Tristan - Great course very thorough

I liked this course and when I got questions wrong I liked how they made sure I had the option to go back and reread the passage

Aidan - Pretty Good

Pretty good course, just the timers were a little annoying, but it makes sense that you would need to study for longer, or because of slower readers.

Jesse - .


Sara - Awesome

I learned how to be a safe driver but it was really long and scary in the end I made it through!!!

Alexander - It was good

yeah it was good

Raniyah - Driver's Ed Review

I love it ! Helped alot !

Henry - My review

I thought this was a good course and I enjoyed it

Kaden - good

good class

Trent - I thought it was pretty decent!

It was very slow, but I kept my patience. I think the adjustable speed of the text to speech was a nice touch just because I have trouble reading, so it helped me retain a lot of the information. I think it was a sufficient course!

Elias - Great

Helped me learn to navigate the road ways.

Jessie - Driver's Ed Review

It was stressful at times, but also fun at times!

Nicholas - Nick - Great!

This driver’s had crossword puzzles which were fun. It did well to inform about the road and driving and what it takes to be a responsible driver. It was well organized.

Dublin - Driver's Ed Review

The overall course was excellent. The way that it was organized made it very simple to follow. There were times when I felt the information provided could have been updated to more modern times. The course covered all the information I needed to pass the test, so it was good.

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