Product reviews for Colorado Drivers Ed Online

Denia - Denia-Drivers Ed

It was really good, loved the videos and crossword puzzles!

Angel - Permit courses/Drivers Ed

This was a really good course. It taught me a lot.

Nathan - Good course

It was a good course to take.  Low cost and provided what I needed to get my permit.

Sebastian - Wonderful course

This course is perfect for learning to drive, the lessons are intuitive and it taught me so much, I’m definitely going to recommend this course.

Mckenzie - National Highway Safety Administration

I liked this course. It gave me plenty of time with second chances on quizzes and not having them timed. I also liked the auto play feature, it was very helpful.

Chloe - drivers ed

it was fine.

Barbara - This Was A Good Course

I liked how there are videos in it

Josephine - drivers Ed

I loved this course it let me take as much time as I needed, and helped a lot, especially with the voice reader making it more tolerable.

Nicholas - Loved it

Great knowledge and excellent learning environment

Eruka - Drivers Ed

I really liked this course. I thought that all the little quizzes in between the lessons were very helpful.

Alyxandra - Drivers Ed Review

It was a really good learning experience that fit my learning super well.

Mara - Mara

It was very helpful

Antonio Manuel - Drivers Ed Online

IT was informative but boring.

Kaia - I liked it

It was pretty entertaining and taught me a lot

Jordyn - Good

I learn so much and it wasn't stressful at all. The cross words are fun and I love that everything is at your own pace!

Elinor - end of drivers ed

Super super good, I learned a lot and I’m super exited to go drive with my knowledge!

Gage - Review of divers Ed course

It was great and was fun to learn and I am both excited and educated to start driving.

Emerald - This is great!!

I liked this alot mainly because you can do it wherever or whenever you can on an electroninc device, i really liked this program also, because if you fail a quiz it will make sure you are educated enough to proceed with anymore of the course.

Emma - good

it was good and helpful

Carmen - Carmen

It was alright.

Axel - Great

Super fun and simple, very enjoyable, low stress.

Lori - Good

It was good

Carlos - Great course

It was amazing even though I did have to take a course again but I learned from it

Kolby - Kolby

Super easy and fun

Ellie - Drivers Ed Online

It was a very good course just maybe not so much time given on the crossword puzzles, other than that it was a great course.

Kadence - Great course!

This course was a really great one to use! Great information and had everything you needed to know for the end.

Kolter - Very informative

Some questions were very tricky in their wordings but the course was very good otherwise.

Sofia - pretty good

it was good took me a while and I liked the little questions and crosswords. Do wish the videos were up to date

Alexa - Yay!

This course was super easy to use and manage!

Nicole - Yes

pretty good, long videos though

Hayden - the course is not that good

I took the course and was comparing it to my friends taking other courses and I have to say that this course was completely useless compared to the others.  This course never explains where things on a vehicle are to help you drive safely. Instead, all it talks about is your emotions and I came out of the course with nothing added to my knowledge of driving that I already didn't know about.

Hannah - It was okay

This took me a while, but I did it over break. This was slightly outdated in things such as the videos used but was still effective.

Stetson - Stetson


Matthew - Colorado Drivers Ed Online

Test was really difficult after taking the entire class

Auron - Loved it.

The timners were annoying, but that isnt their fault, its required by the State of Colorado.  Absolutely loved this course!

Bradyn - review

this took me a long time to finish simply because of my active schedule, but it was nice for it to be self paised

Cillian - it was alright

the only complaint is that a lot of people including me dont learn by reading endless paragraphs and rather doing it, the part where you could interact with a picture helped.

Cole - Review

Outdated and a pain to go through over 600 text bodies

Peyton - Alright

Pretty good just a little hard to stay focused at times.

Rebekah - Review on NHSA

It was long but helpful. The video of drugs was long and depressing. But scared me to never do them.

Ethan - Drivers Ed Online Course

Course content was extensive.  I did have multiple occasions where the servers crashed on spring break.  One of them reset me to 65% from a sectional quiz.  Otherwise no problems, and a great course.

Jennifer - Pretty good

I did like that you can go at you're own pace

Christopher - Great course

I really like this course.  It was very interesting.

Yohanna - Nice!

I loved it very informative.

ANDREW - Andrew

great serves

Maya - Okay

A bit boring and repetitive but did have solid info. A lot was outdated etc.

Kendelle - Kendelle - Great Drivers ED

I learned a lot in this course and really helped me understand the basics of driving and what goes into driving.

Shaine - Hello

It was mid

Luke - Finished

Finished :)

Mason - Mason Neese - Drivers Education

I really enjoyed learning the safety of the roads over the last couple of weeks. I am very glad to be done and ready to begin driving. This was easy to use and at times the program was challenging but I'm thankful for the opportunity to take the program online. I'm looking forward to being a safe and responsible driver.

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