Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Tre-Bien - Very informative and easy.

Loved the course it allows you to move at your own pace.

Andrew - Great Course!

I enjoyed taking this course. It was a good refresher for Georgia traffic laws.

Megan - Very Informtive

was a very good refresher on all the laws and dangers of driving, recommend for anyone who hasn't brushed up on the rules recently.

Lily - Georgia Defensive Driving Review

This was informative and worth the time. It was very knowledgeable and easy to complete.

Lisa - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Very informative. Easy to manuever through the course.

Corey - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Awesome course super easy to use and I actually enjoyed doing this course and learned a lot.

Hunter - Better than sitting in class

Easy to use and much better than sitting in a class.

Deborah - Deb-Beneficial

Very informative; good review.

Megan - Great review

Thank you really great review and test course

Joseph - Very good

Very good

Emma - Excellent

Very informative, very helpful.

Felishya - Very Beneficial!

This defensive driving course was a very helpful and informative refresher course for myself! Though I've sustained an excellent driving record, this course provided reminders that I don't regularly experience, along with videos of real-life traffic related experiences that added moral reminders to be respectful & mindful that we all must share the roads with one another. Thank you for providing this to-the-point and realistic but easy to follow along driving course!

Brandi - Defensive driving course

I really enjoyed the course.

Dorothy - review

good review. lots of questions

Evol - Georgia Defensive Driv ing Course (6 hours)

Good to gove over basic driving and non-driving facts as a refresher.  Particularly in the section that had to do with insurance and registration.

Princess - Great Course

course was very informati

Susan - Amazing course

This course was very clear, and helped me understand the Importance of driving safely

marcus - defensive driving

was very educational

Nimish - Great Course

Learned a lot about best practices to follow while driving

Jaylen - Great Program

This is a great program that helps you understand what you need to know on the road

Samantha - Very informative

I was dreading this course. NHSA delivery was excellent. The information was informative. The options to read along, listen, and auto play are helpful. I took the class on my mobile device and it was a smooth experience.

Luz - Good program

Helped me a lot on things I wasn’t sure about and have everything set in mind

Jessica - defensive driving


Juan - 👍🏽


Natoya - Long but good

It was very informative

Autumn - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Very easy reading and understanding and very informative! So worth it!

Nathan - Nathan - Defensive Driving

10/10 would recommend!

Aaron - Good course

Good course. Very efficient

DeAndrea - Defensive Driving

Class overall had good info and great way for me to brush up on my driver knowledge. Great way to get good driver discounts for insurance.

Victoria - Loved it!

This was simple and easy to learn. I made 100% on the first try!

Barry - DD Review

Simple and very convenient

John - Georgia Defensive Driving course

Excellent material covered with emphasis on most dangerous aspects of driving for any age.

signora - Signora - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Great! i thought i knew it all but i didn't..I learned a lot and it made me think about things i can improve on.

Jamie - Great Course

This was a very easy to read, not boring class to take. It kept my attention all the way through.

Janelle - Great course

This course was very informative. I learned a lot that I did not know about driving laws.

Braylan - COURT


Carmen - Defensive driving

Best course ever!

Shane - Great Course

I thought I knew just about everything but great to re-educate yourself on forgotten knowledge

Sue - GA Defensive Driving

Great course to refresh my knowledge and I learned a couple things.

Lecovian - Lecovian- Defensive Driving Course

I thought I knew everything about driving but this course help me to understand driving and understand safety.


The course was very good, very informative, and a good update on general knowledge of driving

Connie - Defensive Driver Course

I really refreshed my knowledge. This was a great refresher course.

Jerolynn - Post DDC

Very informative. I haven't been tested since I was 16 and I'm now 60

Bonnie - A Good Reminder

I have been driving for over 50 years but there were a few things that I had forgotten or didn't learn the first time I took my driving test. This test was well presented, easy to understand

Cathy - Excellent Course

I really enjoyed taking this course. It was very informative. Reminded me of some things I had forgotten. Easy to navigate and especially liked going at a fast pace that worked for me.

Angela - Defensive Driving Course

The course was well paced with reasonable examples and relevant explanations.

Tanisha - Learned ALOT

I learned so much from this course. A lot of things I had knowledge of, but did not know exactly everything. I enjoy that everything can be read to you and that you work at your own pace.

Georges - Georges Defensive Driving course

I thought i knew everything about driving but this course made me realize there is a lot to learn.

Brittany - Defensive Driving Course

Wonderful information provided within this course.

Antoinique - Great course

This course was fast, easy, and knowledgeable. I’ve been driving for a long time and this was a much needed refresher. You receive your certificate directly at the end of the final exam.

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