Product reviews for California Drivers Ed Online

Jacob - Course Review

Very helpful and tells you what you did wrong rather than making you go back and read the entire thing again. Very good!

Landon - Wonderful online course

Thanks for having such a great online driver's education.

Kayla - course review

very easy if you are a quick learner

leonel - good and easy

a lot of reading but its good practice

Osha - Nice

Very good

felicity - Drivers Ed Review

It’s decently easy, and i liked how they’d give you small amounts of reading at a time, then a question or 2 after.

adam - Drivers ed

Very good and learned a lot

Christian - Good


Vanessa - Vanessa - Online Drivers Education Course Review

It wasn´t hard to complete but you do have to read a lot. Overall, I liked this program because it was easy to follow.

Laila - Course Review

Easy task to accomplish, though there is a hefty amount of reading, it's overall pretty good!

Melina - online drivers ed

definitely a lot of reading but helps a lot.

Benjamin - Good course

After taking the course I felt prepared for the test. It had an easy to follow structure. 10/10

Hailee - good and easy

good and easy

Lizbeth - Lizzy - Drivers Ed

a lot of reading but it’s worth it

Joseph - Joseph


Alexander - National Highway Safety Administration

It was a great program, very easy, and filled with lots of useful and insightful information.

Bailey - AWAOME

Amazing love it

Clara Victoria - Drivers Ed

I learned a lot about driving.

diamond - Awesome Course!!!!

I learned So much, never felt smarter!!!!!!!

Elliott - drivers ed online

pretty easy but a lot of reading and took a while.

Leticia - 10/10!!

It was pretty easy because the quizzes actually matched up to the stuff we read about!

Anastacia - How I like the course

I liked it,it was very easy but it was a lot.

Maddox - Amazing

The course was fast and simple

Shane - Excellent course, very easy to understand and highly useful

The course was very easy to use, especially due to the convenience of being able to go back and review the text before answering quiz questions. Incredible course overall

Ethan - Great!

I thought the car was very informative about everything when it comes to driving and I know I’m ready for my permit test!

Kyri - Drivers ED 17 Years old! I finally did it!

After a year of practice I finally did my it and will be getting my permit!

Noah - My experience with the course

It took me a while but that's why I like it, you can take your time. Highly recommend.

Laurynn - I finished!!!

I thought it was boring at first but it really helped me learn a lot about driving

Kacie - drivers ed

it was a lot of reading but i learned a lot from it and feel confident in taking my permit test

Justin - Course Completed / Cannot Locate Next Steps

Too difficult to navigate to next steps after course completion.

Hayden - online drivers education

good course, easy to follow along, a lot of reading.

elizabeth - I did it

This was hard to do and took so long Im so glad i did it

Dhiren - It was pretty good

I liked that it was just 15 dollars. You got me with the 30 dollar payment for expedited shipment. I wish that there were less videos because the videos are so long and my mind starts to wander. Otherwise, I liked that it was available on all the platforms I used the course on.

Sophia - californias driver ed

i think this course is very nice.

Emmanuel - Good course

Was a nice and easygoing course good understanding

Maya - Drivers courses

It was ok tbh took a really long time but worth it in the end.

Isaak - Great course.

Very easy, and good.

Colter - Hi

It was prettty good

Jaden - Jaden's- Online drivers education

it was a very helpful and useful way to not only learn the road but how it is a right and it can be taken away.

Lydia - drivers ed

not bad

Jordan - Online Training - Jordan

Class was very informative and even though you do have to put in some work, you can complete it at your own pace which is great.

Matthew - Fast to learn and the best way to learn.

This was the best way for me to learn and fastest way to learn.

Isaac - good

The course taught me everything I needed to know about driving and being a safe, lawful, and competent driver. The hours of reading were worth it.

Caleb - Online Drivers ed

It was really easy and actually the topics are interesting.

Sebastian - Online drivers

Lots of ready but helps a lot

Nicholas - online drivers education

this was a lot of reading but in the end it was all worth it.

Julio Mathias - fast to learn

pretty basic and easy to learn

Jack - good


Jillian - Nice!

The reading materials & questions matched up precisely to the final course exam! I felt prepared & understood the concepts which were taught.

Elizabeth - Course Review by Elizabeth

Simple, made learning to drive an easy and non-stressful expirience.

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