Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Eldon - Straight forward

Good course, perfect for new drivers and good refresher for drivers who have done it in the past

Modesta - Good Choice in driving safety course

Easy to navigate and user-friendly. Loved the read-aloud.

Jenefer - Texas defensive driving course review

Easy to navigate through course. Information is very educational.

Deborah - Great Defensive Driving Course

Very user friendly, convenient and easy to navigate.  Alternating between videos and the text was good, too.

Armando - Easy Course

Quick and easy

Jaylon - defensive driving course

great course

Sean - Convenient

Very convenient to complete on my own time.


User friendly, very educational and easy.

Monica - Monica - Defensive Driving

This course was easy to navigate, and the information was super helpful.

Ignacio - It was good

It was good

Mary - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

It was a good online class.  Provided enough time to read through the material and the videos were relevant and good to watch.

antonio - defensive driving

honestly better than I anticipated very helpful and learned a few new things.

Swan'yae - Defensive Driving

I learned alot



Devante - Defensive Driving Course

Great course

ANTHONY - Pretty good

got the job done

Kimberly - Good

This course provides tons of very helpful information. It was not what I expected. It was better.

Kaitlynn - Defensive Driving

Very easy and non-time comsuming

Sharon - Online Defensive Driving Course

A good mix of video and reading.  I appreciate the option to listen to audio as well. Very informative.

Jose - Jose - Defensive Driving Course

It was really good and helped me learn a lot

JULIO - Defense driving

It was awesome and easy

Rolando - Fast, Easy Course

Convenient. The videos were actually not bad. Would take again if needed to.

Michael - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Very convenient to be able to take the course at home.

Martin - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent,, Highly recommend

Charles - Laura - TX Defensive Driving Course

Very thorough and useful Defensive Driving Course.  Very informative.

Lisa - Defensive Driving


Joseph - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Excellent course.

Daisy - Good


Kwan - Easy to use

Great way to get your DD class done. Easy to use and saves your place to continue.

Stephen - Steve

Easy and informative. I learned a lot! Thanks!

Jessica - Great Course

The course was great and very user friendly!

alexa - TX Defensive Driving Course

Affordable, easy, and self-paced course that saves your progress so you can continue where you left off.

Candace - Defensive Driving Course

Very informative

John - DDC

Fast, Easy, learned a lot

Laura - TX Defensive Driving Course

This was a very thorough and useful Defensive Driving Course.  I'm glad I took it.

Benay - Easy enough

This course was easy enough to complete in the six hours.

preseetha - Preseetha - Defensive driving course

Educational and helpful

Juan - Incredible course

Informative and easy to finish

Manuel - Safety

Im gonna be a better driver

Eric - Defensive driving course

Simple and easy

Sheila - Defensive Driving Course

This course was all encompassing, and I feel like I learned a lot while taking it.

Phat - Good Course, very helpful

Very Good refresher course that everyone could use every few years.

Sonia - Defensive driving course


Ruben - Fast and Easy

really easy to get through and very educational

Viet - Defensive driving course

The course was education and helpful.

Emmanuel - Good


Gustavo - Review

Great at your pace course

Louria - Defense Driving Course

The Course was educational and helpful.

Simant - Defensive Driving Course Review

The course was pretty much easy to navigate and the materials were very helpful. Text to speech feature was very useful while taking the course.

Anish - Easy Driving course, Would Recommend

This course is well informed &explained many of the concepts of driving safe and the prevention of accidents and speeding tickets pretty well.

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