Areli - Driving course review

Learned quick and easy, very understandable!

Aiden - 10/10

Taught me a lot

Tyler - my review

really easy course

Desirae - Desirae-great experience

Very self explanatory & helpful

Jason - DPS Permit

Was very easy and straight forward!!!

Trey - T

This was pretty good and I did good jod

Azaria - Amazing Experience

This was my second choice in school, although it was second, it was the best by far

Jason - Easy

It was easy

Benjamin - Great Driving Course.

This was the best course I have ever taken. Thanks!
I passed easily!

Natalia - YAYAYAY

Loved it!!

Madyson - Very Good!

I learned a lot and I feel very ready to get on the road.

Chelsea - Chelsea- Just Completed!

Very informative and easy to comprehend.

JOHN - Just Finished!

Very straight forward and informational!

DAPHNE HERMIONE - Finished Driving Ed

It was easy to understand for a subject with a lot of information

Lauren - Finished Driver's Ed!!

It was easy to understand for a subject with a lot of information

Aubrey - NHSA Course Review

Good course, very easy to understand

Ava - course complete

very helpful, loved it.

Zanae - Instructor taught course + permit test

It was easy to understand and I was able to do it on my own time. The questions was a great way to ensure that I understood the material.

Christina - National highway safety administration review

I did very well and this program is so good and helpful

Eva - Completed Course

Easy to understand and I liked the way they explained things.

Michael - Course Complete

It was a fun course, taught me the necessities I needed to know.

Mmanti - Completed Course!

This is a great course. I liked how it explained each topic. It was easy to understand.

Ariana - Course Complete

It did a good job at teaching the necessary things I needed to learn.

Meghan - Course Complete

It was a great and efficient learning experience.

Sophia - Course Complete!

Pretty good, learned new things, grew some more brain cells. Liked the videos. Glad to move on towards getting on the road.

Jaelyn - We did it! Congrats.

To me, the course was very detailed and educational. It discussed the step by step decisions to be able to not get into an accident and how you should properly drive on the road and what factors cause most if not all the crashes in the United States specifically Texas. I liked it and there were at sometimes a lot of specific details addressed.

Johnathan - Woo Hoo I finished the course!

This course was engaging and helped me to get one step closer to obtaining my license!

Esperanza - Yay me!

I am going to be on the road soon!

Laurel - Good

I liked it. I felt like I learned things. There were a few typos, but other than that it was good.

Ellen - Finished!!

There were a few typos but overall I understood and enjoyed most of the courses.

Deborah - Deborah-Finished

It was very easy to read and learn about driving

Kendall - Just completed the course

I would highly recommend this course because I was able to understand everything and pass all my tests with no hesitation.

Marie-Blanche - Just completed my course

I would highly recommend this course because it gave me information that was easy to understand and each module was very engaging.

Rania - mattew

Takes a while to complete but overall pretty well and cheap.

Jordan - Course Review

This was a very helpful and fast way for me to get my permit.

Araceli - Finished


Ian - Pretty Decent

A very simple and easy to understand coarse. Enough said.

Donna - GREAT!!!!


Aniya - great course

no one really likes learning about something they kind of already know how to do. but this course put a lot of things into perspective for me and hopefully many others.

Nafia - My take on the TX Instructor Taught course + permit test

The lessons were a bit repetitive at times but for the most part very comprehensive and full of valuable information.

Karina - course review

very straightforward, simple, and easy to understand.

Mehreen - This Course is Great!

I learned everything I needed to for my course in an efficient manner. Simple language was used and there was no confusion.

Jorie - This Program is Amazing

I really recommend signing up for this course. It was very informational, not totally boring, and taught me how to confident on the road. Great for new drivers!

Makayiah - Makayiah- Instructor taught course+permit test

This really helped me to improve my driving knowledge and skills.

Neel - Unobtrusive and Easy!

The course didn't interfere with my daily life and all of the pop quizzes tested my knowledge adequately. One feature I particularly enjoyed was the free text-to-speech feature.

Savanah - Christian- Course Review

This course was very informative. And helped me a lot

Chetha - Course Review

I had no problems with the course and it was simple. I was able to pick up a lot of things through the testing provided.

Qiana - Harmony

It was a great learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the pop quiz questions, if I got one wrong it was easy to learn from my mistakes and get it right later on.

Robin - cool

It was easy to work through the lessons and was filled with useful info.

JAZLYN - Student Course Review

Easy to understand and learn

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